Fast-rising female DJ & producer RayRay is Taiwan’s finest musical export and is dropping pins across the global electronic music map. Starting out her career as a hip-hop DJ at the age of 17 in the local Taipei scene, she organically gravitated to the electronic music cartel, making her a diverse addition to the ever-evolving music industry. As Taiwan’s first breakout dance music artist, RayRay helps Taiwan’s expansion into the worldwide dance music industry, providing opportunities for other Asian artists to make connections with international acts and help them to become known overseas. Having made her debut at Tomorrowland in 2018, RayRay is finally ready to return to the Holy Grounds in 2022!

How did you start out as a DJ & producer?

At a young age, I was into hip-hop, R&B, funk, and soul music, and I started learning turntablism and the cello. After getting into the hip-hop music scene in Taiwan, I was crowned champion of the 2013 Red Bull Thre3style DJ competition. The same year, I presented Taiwan to Toronto in the International DJ Championship. After that, I focused on my own music productions because I didn’t want to only perform with other artists’ music, but I wanted to make my own. In 2016, I was selected as the participant of Red Bull Music Academy in Montreal. The same year, I dropped my first EP "Reincarnation" establishing fame as The Queen of Bass Music in the Asia music industry. In 2017, I had started working closely with Barong Family & Yellow Claw as my management and I released several EPs on the label.

What’s your favorite dance music record of all-time?

Burial – Archangel. I can never stop listening to this song. It inspires me in different ways every time I listen to it. It calms me down and it brings back a lot of memories of being an artist.

What would be your dream music collaboration?

Noisia. I’ve been really into drum & bass recently. I’ve been listening to all the records from Noisia. The excellent sound designs, the exquisite layers, and the energy of their productions are always a source of inspiration for me.

Skrillex. I always wanted to work with Skrillex. He taught me a lot about being an artist when we met in 2015. I'm always fascinated and inspired by the music he has been putting out.

How can we increase diversity in dance music?

First of all, being an Asian woman in dance music, I want to give a shout out to all the women in music - we are absolutely killing it. However, people like me in the dance music scene were not that many. In order to compete and stand out I’ve had to work really hard and try to build my own. EDM is a culture which includes people’s cultural & racial backgrounds, music tastes, etc. I think the most important thing about diversity is to accept everyone and to be open to all the possibilities. I have met so many great artists around the world. They have been using their own ways in music to tell us their own stories. No matter what your music, race, religion, sexuality, gender is, we embrace the differences, and we make the culture our own.

As an artist, staying true to yourself, being proud of who you are and showing everyone that you genuinely have the passion and the love for what you're doing! You can discover all the possibilities in music, so you can really create something meaningful and inspiring – no matter where you are from or who you are.

What are you most excited about playing at Tomorrowland?

This will be my third time playing at Tomorrowland with my label Barong Family. Due to the pandemic, there weren’t that many festivals around the world in the past 2 years. I’m very excited about meeting my friends and fans again, preparing a brand-new set, showing the crowd all my new music, and celebrating with everyone that we finally can be together and enjoy the best music experience. I also like to walk around the different stages after my set to experience the good vibe and look for some fresh ideas/sets from other amazing artists.

Who is your biggest inspiration?

I started making music because of DJ Shadow and J Dilla – they inspired me to combine hip-hop and modern electronic music together. Noisia are also one of my all-time favorite DJs. Whenever they released a mixtape or production I instantly got inspired and listened to them non-stop. Skrillex also taught me a lot about music production and changes in the music scene. Yellow Claw always gives me good suggestions when it comes to my music production, and they always push me hard and motivate me to get to the next level of my career. To be honest, I learnt a lot from everybody I look up to – no matter if I know them or not.

I have been DJing for almost 13 years now and producing for 6-7 years. Seeing people enjoy the music I make and being entertained by my live performances really gave me the career motivation to go full out and pursue this. I'm always motivated by everything that happens in my career and so here we are!