Jana Vitiligo

Female Belgian DJ JANA VITILIGO started out running her own agency in the nightlife industry. The experience that came with it and her never-ending pursuit to deliver memorable nights inevitably resulted in the idea to take full control of the night as a DJ under the name JANA. Being insecure for years and keeping her auto-immune condition Vitiligo secret for the outside world, after much self-reflection the Belgian power woman decided to accept and embrace her imperfections and motivate others to do the same without feeling stigmatized – her alter ego JANA VITILIGO was born in 2021. Having played at some of the biggest nightclubs, parties and festivals in Belgium, JANA VITILIGO is now ready to make her Tomorrowland debut in 2022!

How did you start out as a DJ & producer?

I was already running my own entertainment agency in the Belgian nightlife industry for some time. I was more and more stimulated by the musical aspect, so I took the step to fully immerse myself in the DJ world. I soon realized that music is an ideal outlet for me to use my creativity.

What’s your favorite dance music record of all-time?

‘Nothing Around Us’ by Mathame and Lyke. I think it’s very important that music expresses and evokes emotion. I always experience this feeling when playing this record.

What would be your dream music collaboration?

My ultimate dream collab would be together with Monolink, because of his artistic versatility.

How can we increase diversity in dance music?

I think dance music today is certainly very diverse, thanks to festivals such as Tomorrowland where all nationalities are represented, and a wide range of artists gets the chance to perform.

What are you most excited about playing at Tomorrowland?

I’m really excited to play at Tomorrowland, one of the largest festivals in the world. I’m very grateful because Tomorrowland gives me the opportunity to portray Vitiligo in a positive light and motivate others to be 100% themselves, without having to feel bad about themselves. After all, we are all unique in our own way.

Who is your biggest inspiration?

My biggest inspiration is the German DJ and singer-songwriter Monolink, known for enriching his DJ sets by means of instruments and singing live. ‘Otherside’ is one of his tracks that I play very often.